Saturday, May 5, 2018

When I am on the water, there is nothing greater than watching a tarpon roll, a permit flash, or a bonefish tail. Every interaction with these amazing creatures is a gift from the fish gods. 

Wednesday, May 2nd was a day I will never forget. Although I received no less than 15 rejections from permit, it was one of the best days of fishing in my life. I got to spend my day watching unicorns in the wild and it was fantastic. Every mistake I made was a new opportunity to learn. 

Then, on my second cast the next morning, I got an eat.

As you are no doubt aware, the permit code is a tough one to crack but I am enjoying the ride.

Fortunately, the flats of Chetumal Bay also have an abundance of healthy bones.

...and the neighboring lagoons and cenotes have healthy populations of juvenile tarpon.

The Entrance to an Amazing Place

Photo by Nick Denbow

Photo by Nick Denbow

I could go on and on about how much I love Mahahual and Xcalak, but here are some more photos.

Chetumal Bay Bonefish Flat

Costa de Cocos

Downtown Xcalak

It was so damned hard getting on the plane and saying goodbye to this amazing place - but I will be back soon.

Thank you Nick, Steve and Nacho for an amazing week.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Carry the Zero

Mic check....1, 2...1, 2.

Is this thing on?

Ahem. Hi there. Thanks for tuning in.

Here's a few early spring troutin' photos from a local spring creek....

Friday, March 28, 2014

There Will Be Bones - Yucatan DIY Flats 2014

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson
Mexican mullet, a sergeant major and a damselfish cavorting among the rocks

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent WilsonI needed to get away.  Away from the last throes of winter, away from the cabin fever and, most of all, away from the constant 'pinging' of my godforsaken iPhone.

I needed to swim in the ocean.

It was that time of year again.  Time for our post-winter escape to the Mayan Riviera.

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson
I got out again on my favorite DIY flats south of Tulum.  'Twas a good day with a lot of nice fish - many bones and a few jacks.  Unfortunately, no permit.

You've got to love a place that affords walk and wade access to great bonefish flats.  All you've got to do is endure Tulum's speed bumps, eco-chic tourists and a pretty lousy jungle road and you're there.

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson
Mexican Bonefish vs. Merkin
Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson
Mexican Bonefish vs. Gotcha

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson

The fishing was great and, although I did not get any shots at permit, I was determined to return for another chance.

Alas, I came back 48 hours later and was promptly escorted out of the water by a boatload of federales. 

"Senor, necesitas regresar ahora mismo.  No puedes pescar aqui sin una panga.  Este lugar es muy peligroso.  Hay gran crocodilios aqui."

"Damn," I thought. "The rules have changed and my DIY flats fishing option has gone down the tubes."  I knew there were crocs here, but I always avoid the green water and make it a point to be back on land long before dusk.  

Nonetheless, the man ain't having it here anymore.  Whether it's due to a legitimate safety concern or a desire to make sure gringos hire local guides, these flats are off limits without a boat.

That's it for the fishing report, but - if you're interested - you can read on to find out about the rest of the trip and my attempts to help instill a love for the ocean in my son and nephew.

Sam (4) and Hans (8) tried snorkeling, attended Xcaret's "Shark and Stingray Encounter," explored a cenote' and checked out a baby sea turtle nursery.  Here are some highlights:

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson

Photo copyright 2014 Brent Wilson

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson

Photo Copyright 2014 Brent Wilson

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I've Got This

I got out yesterday with Chris for some local fishing.  It felt great to be out on the river.

Rocket from the Crick

Chris the Fishin' Machine with a Nice Bow

Here's to a healthy and happy 2014.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Still Life: A Suburban Canal in Miami

Tens of thousands of motorists drive past this suburban Miami canal every day.  Busy people with busy lives never give this water a second glance.

They don't see anything of value - just weeds, water and trash.

When I was a kid, this canal was my saving grace.  It was a place where my friends and I encountered wild creatures and explored the natural world.  Some days we experienced the worst aspects of city life - like the time we found two bundled corpses in the weeds during Miami's drug war era - but most days we caught fish and created great memories.

I fished my old neighborhood canal again today for the first time in decades.  It felt great to see my childhood haunt still harbors a remarkable underwater world - a far more interesting place than the surrounding sanitized suburbs.