Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Interstate Carpin'

"What's Up, Ugg Mugg?"
The work schedule this week entails travel to Salt Lake City, then a day in Seattle.  It's just as well, considering my favorite carp impoundment in southeast Idaho is still iced over (much to my chagrin).

Given the need to head south to warmer temps, I seized an opportunity to fish the lower Snake River for carp along the way.

I got to the river in the mid-afternoon and it was obvious a major cold front was on the way.  My window of opportunity was going to be short and sweet.

Winds were gusting over 20 mph and the water was getting pretty murky, making it challenging to spot fish.  Nonetheless, some males showed themselves - as they do pretty frequently this time of year - and it was "go time."  It was good to see some backing on the reel again.  These guys are not as large - and certainly not as pretty - as the mirror carp at my "go to" reservoir, but it was great fun nonetheless - a pleasant diversion en route to the big city and airport.

Sure enough, after a few minutes of fishing, hellfire rained from the sky and the winds increased to over 35 mph.  My fun quota for the day was met.

Next on the agenda...some good "big city" food...

Wu-Tang Flan aint nuthin' ta fuck wit.

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  1. Awesome. The Wu Tang flan is the shit, those golden bones are nice too. Never caught a mirror carp yet