Sunday, December 2, 2012

We Will, In Fact, Be Greeted As Liberators

Is there a stranger paradox than the concept of the "real world?"

Think about it.  The real world is defined by human social constructs.  Deadlines, dogma, jobs, wars, politics - these are all just fabrications.

It's been four years since my wife and I left the hustle and bustle of the big city to downshift in east Idaho.  I guess that makes this season four of my own version of the real world.

I like this version a heck of a lot.  
In the new version, the pace is set by the flow of the river. 

It's a place where nothing is taken for granted.  Every riffle, feeder creek, slough and plunge pool is an opportunity for exploration.

It's a place where you can learn a great deal by simply listening. These woods and waters offer timeless sermons.

My son will soon learn to love these rivers as well.  The lessons he learns here will provide solace and perspective when the 'real world' comes calling for him later in life.

For now, however, our little world in east Idaho is pretty exceptional.


  1. Wherever you go, there you are. Nice ironic use of a Dick Cheney quote in the title.

  2. Many thanks, Richard. Not a day goes by that I don't reflect on how lucky I am to have such great natural amenities right out the front door.

    Every day truly is a blessing.

    Take care,