Friday, March 15, 2013

Come Hungry, Leave Happy

It's Friday night and I am exhausted. I logged hundreds of miles this week for work meetings, ran a bunch of errands for the family, cooked a few dinners and skied up Darby Canyon with The Goose.

I did, however, find time to squeeze in some fishing.

Since my brain is fried and I need to get up early in the morning (for more fishing, of course), this post is going to be a photo essay...

A.M. Trout

P.M. Carp

Mayor McCheese

Shane and One of His Many Hogs

Ghostface Killah

TFO TiCr 7-Weight vs. Carp



  1. That is a great Photo Essay, sweet fish all the way around. That is not the only higher end TFO rod I've heard of breaking. My TFO Pro Series have handled fish well. Happenstance I suppose.


    1. Thanks Gregg! I think TFO's are great rods for the money, but I've seen more than a few break...but they have a great guarantee.

  2. that last carp is ridiculous. is that the one that broke the rod?

  3. The fish pics are awesome and Mayor McCheese might be my new favorite fish descriptor (I'm definitely stealing it) but jesus h christ that's a crawdad.