Thursday, May 9, 2013

All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down

The difference between "epic" and "effing skunked" at Blackfoot Reservoir can be summed up in one word - sunlight.  When the sun is out, they feed.  Otherwise, forget it.

Chris and I got out with Miss Lucy today for some pre-tournament recon.  Yep, the 9th annual Carp Classic fly tournament takes place next week.  I'll be hauling the Uprising Mobile HQ 18-foot camp trailer down there and it is sure to be a hoot.  Our team (tentatively known as "Cloop USA") is armed and ready.
It gets pretty darn cold at night at Blackfoot Reservoir this time of year, so the bite usually does not turn on until about 10:00 a.m.  Such was the case this morning when we arrived, as carp started moving onto the flats in time for brunch.

We got into a few decent fish from the get-go, but the morning was pretty sluggish overall.  The "rip your arm out of its socket" takes I look forward to here were non-existent and we had to work hard for every subtle eat.  

Where were all the rowdy bastards from last spring?  

The fat girls were noticeably absent from the dance and some nasty storm clouds began to roll in. We decided to switch gears and move to a flat where hogs are always found. 

The hogs were there, but their appetites were not.  The clouds took them away.

Nonetheless, we were able to assess the appropriate strategy, given this year's low water levels and altered flat configurations.  Chris picked up one last carp on our way out, but the afternoon was otherwise a bust.

Other news this week:  a "game changer" upgrade in the Uprising photography department:  new camera, underwater housing and wide-angle wet lens.  It's on.

Peace out folks.

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  1. Dang man, that Carp Classic sounds like a good time. Look forward to a report from that. (Extra points for the nod to Hank Jr.)