Monday, May 14, 2012

Creatures from the Brown Lagoon

Big Carp, Skinny Water
Some days everything comes together and you feel like a superstar.  Sunday, however, was the other kind of day.  The kind where you get to the reservoir much later than planned and then, while heading to your favorite new flat, you blow out the sidewall on one of your brand new truck tires.  The kind where you spend 20 minutes putting on the spare while the largest mosquitoes this side of Alaska exact their toll. 

Fortunately, Blackfoot Reservoir always has a way of making you forget about all of this nonsense.  Late in the afternoon, I spotted a massive carp rooting around in just a few inches of water.  I made a stealthy approach, shot a decent cast and got an eat.  The carp made a deliberate 18 wheeler-styled charge for open water and it was a beautiful sight...until I busted the 1x flouro tippet.

Thankfully, I at least got it all on video.  Here is some footage only a hardcore carp nerd could love...with a few of this week's eats.

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