Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to the Carp Flats

I Was Awarded the Gold Today
I have no doubt the summer of 2012 will go on record as one of the hottest and driest in recorded history.  Our landscape here in Idaho looks brown and parched and everything around me looks like it is going to spontaneously combust.  It's no surprise there are a half dozen large wildfires across the state right now. 

A Henry's Fork Rainbow
Given the intense heat, I have been focusing my efforts the past couple of weeks on dry fly fishing during evening hours at local spring-fed creeks where the water temperatures are a bit more trout-friendly...including the Wood Road 16 stretch of the Henry's Fork. While it has been challenging and rewarding, this heat just won't let up and it is time for me to give the trout a break.

Thus, I headed down to Blackfoot Reservoir today to visit my favorite summertime carp flat.

A Willing Player Breaks Up the Algae Mat
August carp at the reservoir are a different breed than the pre-spawn carp I fished for here in May and June.  They are spookier, more finicky, their takes are much more subtle, and they are stronger - much stronger.

Given the sheer size of the reservoir (18,000 acres), the hardest part about fishing here in August is simply locating the carp.  The lake is full of weeds and algae and the visibility is terrible. 

However, there is a tell-tale sign that always helps - look for floating vegetation. Apparently these carp uproot a lot of plants in their quest for the scuds and nymphs that live in them.  If you find a mat of floating weeds, there will be carp nearby.

Today I was fortunate enough to locate a school of about 20 tailing carp in shin-deep water while they worked on the landscaping.

Hello Again, Backing

It only took a few minutes to remind myself why I love carp.  This was the most fun I've had in a long while. 

I have a few friends who still aren't fly fishing for carp.  They are missing out, big time.

Today's Motto:

"If you're not down with the brown, you need to get out of town."

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