Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gettin' High and Seein' Red

A lot of folks think Tuesdays were made for sitting behind a desk.

Nope.  Tuesdays were made for wet wading high mountain creeks.

I loaded up Uprising's mobile HQ transport and headed up to one of my favorite mountain creeks.  This time of year, the creek hosts thousands of spawning kokanee salmon - as well as a late season flavilinea mayfly hatch.  And hoppers...lots of hoppers.  While the salmon are a pleasant diversion, the real allure of this creek is hungry cutthroats that rise consistently to a well-placed dry fly. 


I enjoyed/endured a steep and arduous hike which involved a fair amount of bushwhacking.  It was well worth the effort. 


I carried two rods - one with a dry fly set-up for trout and another with a nymphing rig for kokanee.  The cutthroats responded well to a flav cripple imitation and the kokanee responded to a crimson red egg pattern.

After hiking about 6 miles with a few hundred feet of elevation gain, I was pretty stoked to come back to a trailer with a fridge, bed and stove.  I had the entire campground to myself as I sat under a full moon and ate the bowl of peanut rice noodles my wife handed me on the way out the door.  I slept like the dead and had a great breakfast with a pot of black sludge coffee in the morning. 
 This is what life is all about.


  1. Jealous. that looks awesome.

    i'd have ignored the trout and chased the salmon. hah.

  2. Looks like a good time Brent. It makes me want to head up that way and check things out. I haven't ever targeted the kokes but have wanted to chase them for a while now. I love the diversity/options around these parts!

    1. Chris, they're fun...but don't overlook the trout.

      I am looking forward to some autumn cold fronts to kick the local fishing up a few notches. Won't be long now.