Monday, January 21, 2013

January Jones

This time of year, I often find myself wondering why I choose to endure the rigors of winter in east Idaho.  It's a pretty abrupt change from what I grew up with in Miami and significantly colder than the nine winters I spent in Colorado.

Most years, I've got a February trip to the tropics to look forward to, but not this year.  The recession has taken a toll on my business and an early spring salt trip may not be feasible.

Sometimes - in the deep, dark chill of mid-winter - it helps to pull up pictures from the summer in east Idaho.  It's a great reminder that our summers here make our winters well worth the effort.  

Here are a few of my personal favorite reminders...

South Fork of the Snake - Swan Valley, ID

Railroad Ranch - Henry's Fork River - Last Chance, ID

High Mountain Creek Cutty - Undisclosed Location

Dinner on the Patio at Trouthunter - Last Chance, ID

Epic July Rainstorm - South Fork of the Snake - Swan Valley, ID

PMD FTW - South Fork of the Snake River - Heise, ID

Carpin' in Shorts and Sneakers - Blackfoot Reservoir

Teton River Tributary - Driggs, ID

Late Afternoon Flavs...   

...and the Fish Who Feed on Them.

Heck yeah, the winters are worth it.

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  1. Great overview of your summer season. Recognize most all of those places pictured. I will miss my time on those waters, but have to admit, I don't miss the numbing winter! Hoping all is getting better with your Frostbite.