Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Greatest Swedish Export Since the Large Arbor Reel

So Long, 2012

Life here in east Idaho is like a Norman Rockwell painting.  It is snowing lightly and the neighbor's sheep are proudly displaying their winter coats - like Texans in Vail. 

Still, this glorious winter weather is not conducive to fishing and I am thinking about some "must do" goals for 2013:

1) Get Back Down to the Yucatan.  It's been two years since I fished Boca Paila Lagoon and Ascension Bay and I am jonesing to get back down there.  This time, however, I want to incorporate a jaunt up to Isla Holbox and Campeche for some baby tarpon.

Campeche Tarpon Photo
2) Explore More Remote High Mountain Creeks.  I've been here four years and there are still dozens of high mountain creeks I've yet to explore.

3) More Night Fishing.  I feel like I barely scratched the surface of the night fishing potential around here in 2012, but I am intrigued to say the least.  I've been tying some skating/waking patterns that should be very productive and look forward to a lot more night fishing in 2013.  The beasts really do come out at night.

2012 was a banner year nationally for the fly fishing for carp trend - and I believe 2013 will be a breakout year for night fishing.

4) Explore the Park. It is going to take a lifetime to get my arms around all of the fishing opportunities within Yellowstone National Park.  

It has been a blast so far.

5) Get the Ranch Dialed.  There are more than a few rainbows pushing 30" at Railroad Ranch that will rise to a well-placed dry fly.  

I haven't landed one yet, but I'll be back on opening day - wadered up and ready for the challenge.

Call In The Swedes.  It's new year's day and I've been sacked with the flu for over two weeks.  Too sick to fish, in fact.  And I am no better today than I was two weeks ago. 

On days like this, when I am feeling really bummed out, I bust out some old tunes from Sweden.  No, I am not talking about The Haunted, Entombed or In Flames.  I am referring to the greatest Swedish export since the large arbor reel - ABBA.

Let's be clear - I don't like ABBA in an "ironic, retro-hipster" fashion.  I eat hipsters for breakfast. This is a genuine, sincere appreciation.

When I feel all hope is lost, I listen to "S.O.S."

I hope your new year is off to a great start.

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  1. Ha ha - Texans in Vail - good stuff. Pretty good list. Heck, if you're able to do half of those things you'll have a great 2013.

    The flu sucks. Hope you kick it soon.